Mindful Summer
Establish or renew your mindfulness practice.

Mindful Summer

Welcome to Mindful Summer!

Mindful Schools is sponsoring a free online community practice series from July 2 - August 12 that shows how mindfulness can be applied to daily life. 

Find inspiration in powerful and unexpected ways that mindfulness is being used by educators in the Mindful Schools community.

Who is this for?

Mindful Summer is ideal for educators who are curious about mindfulness and want to explore how to integrate it into their personal lives and teaching. Summer is a spacious time to try new practices and interests.

Or maybe you’ve taken a Mindful Schools course and need a little inspiration or nudge to establish a regular practice for yourself. This can help you start the school year refreshed and ready to mindfully take on the classroom.

How it Works

  1. Start with a Weekly Inspiration. At the beginning of the week you’ll receive an email focused on a specific topic. The thought leader will offer inspiration and guidance in an article, video, or guided practice. 
  2. Practice. The thought leader will also offer a simple practice for the week. Try to return to this practice throughout the week and notice what it feels like to practice mindfulness in this way.
  3. Connect. If you want more, join a discussion with our community of like-minded educators. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around the weekly topic.

Our Summer Calendar & Thought Leaders

We’ve invited six thought leaders from our community to share their unique passions, perspectives, and mindfulness practice.

Mindful Summer officially starts in the first week of July! Here are the weekly topics and thought leaders we have in store: 

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