Welcome to Mindful Spring

Educators and parents practicing mindfulness together in their lives, classrooms, and beyond.

Mindful Schools Community

Welcome to Mindful Spring with the Mindful Schools community!

Spring is the perfect time to declutter the mind and start fresh so you can finish the school year focused and energized.

Mindful Schools is hosting a free 5-day practice series starting on Earth Day, April 22nd! Through our daily guided practices, you will learn how you can bring mindfulness into your everyday life and gain inspiration, clarity, and connection to what motivates you. Join us to reconnect with your self, your purpose and passion, alongside a community of like-minded peers.

Who is this for?

This community is ideal for educators and parents who are curious about mindfulness and want to explore how to integrate it into their personal lives and work with young people. 

Or maybe you’ve taken a Mindful Schools course and need a little inspiration or nudge to establish a regular practice. This can help you mindfully reset and take on the rest of the school year.

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